Thursday October 14th • 7 PM(CST)  
Dr. Berlin simplifies dental photography  
Imagine Being Able To Take Amazing Photos 
On All Your Patients In A Way That Increases 
Case Acceptance AND Profitability!
 Learn A Step By Step SYSTEM To Begin Taking Gorgeous Photos In Your Practice!
You'll Know Exactly How To Take Beautiful Case Pictures The Very Next Day...
Bonus- "All Those That Attend Will Get An In-Office Photography Flow Chart"
 Learn A Step By Step, Simple SYSTEM To Begin Taking Gorgeous Photos In Your Practice!
Learn A Step By Step Formula To Build A Practice From Scratch Or Evaluate A Potential Existing Practice To Buy

Bonus- "All those that attend will get a 
'"New Patient Photography Template" [PDF]
New patient Photo Series, Camera settings, patient positions, plus much, much  more!

Making Dental Photography Simple!

Presented by: Dr. Marvin Berlin

Thursday October 14th • 7PM (CST) 
You'll learn from my "real world" examples of adding dental photography AND get the insights from my failures as well!
Show Your Patients. Share With Your Colleagues. Build Your Online Credibility. 
What Camera is Ideal For Intraoral Pictures? 
1. Nikon, Canon, Sony, iPhone- what's best, where and how do I use the right one?    

2. What setup works best in high moisture environments?

3. How to create a clean field isolation to create "fog free" pictures.  

4. How to effectively light up your treatment area to capture colorful pictures. 

What Are My Camera Settings?
1. Dial in the optimal camera settings in less than 30 seconds for most intra-oral pictures. 

2. Learn the 3 components to create proper exposure(lighting).

3. Learn how to adjust your camera settings to achieve your desired results.

4. Understanding "aperture" and how it applies to dental photography. 
How To Implement an In- Office Photography Flow
1. The "Ten Dental Shots" that sell more dentistry and speak for your treatment plan! 

2. How Photography can increase your case acceptance, AND your bottom line!

3. How to use dental photography for Facebook, Instagram, and social media. 

4. What does the "patient flow" look like to consistently capture great photos?

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